Sunday, December 27, 2015

Portable Solar Panels for RV

Lightweight and flexible, the portable solar panels are designed to offer a self-contained power source for anyone wishing to charge electrical items whilst on-the-go, either for work or recreational activities, such as backpacking or camping. From charging a laptop, campsite essentials, power tools, to other portable handhelds, the series of foldable or solid-built solar panel systems are a perfect choice if the availability of standard electrical power isn't an option.

Portable solar products are offered in several different sizes, styles and configurations, with common designs consisting of the rollable, foldable, and installable units. For complete portability, the rollable panels are constructed using a sheet of photoelectric cells, which is entirely flexible, making it super easy to fold up for transport. Even though these solar charge systems are designed to be compact in size, they are still able to offer a similar performance to the traditional systems used in today's construction and remodeling.
Some of the most popular portable solar products include those used for -
• The most widespread use is to power up mobile electronics, such as the laptop, iPod, GPS system, phone, DVD player, MP3 player, etc.

• Lighting up roadside signs is another great use for these systems. Local authorities use this method to light up sign boards, instead of a conventional power source, are seeing a sizable saving in overall costs. If you where to multiple this for all towns in a state, you can appreciate the potential savings to be found.
• Garden Lighting is also a popular use, solar-powered LED lights are perfect to illuminate a garden pathway, patio area, walkway, or garden in general. Soaking up the sun's energy throughout the day, these accent lights are simple to install, and eliminate a need to dig trenches to conceal wiring.
• A convenient source of power for a variety of recreational vehicles, for example the mobile home or watercraft.

• Use as an emergency light for the home or car.

• Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, a series of waist pouches, daypacks or full-size backpacks are available with built-in solar panels. An efficient option to charge-up mobile electronics, such as the GPS or Bluetooth devices, while on a hiking trail.

Among the varied options for the home set-up, the compact and portable solar panels are often seen as the simplest and most cost-effective option, as a result of the real affordability of the latest generation of solar-energized pads and accessories.